Upper Dolpo Trekking  |  25 Days

This adventurous upper Dolpo trekking reaches up to remote and rugged parts of one of the least populated districts of Nepal. The stark beauty along the way is like nothing else in Nepal and has gained worldwide fame through the works of Snellgroves Himalayan Pilgrimage, Mathiessens, The Snow Leopard and the award-winning film The Caravan. The area was opened to tourists in 1989, but only a relatively few trekkers have traveled to this isolated region to witness the timeless way of life. The culture is strongly influenced by Tibetan Buddhism and the Born practices that predate it and still maintains much of its mystique.

The journey begins with a flight to Jhupal, the gateway to Upper Dolpo. We pass through many villages, forests of oak, rhododendron (Nepal's national flower) and pine as we make our way toward the Himalaya. A stopover at Ringmo village and the shimmering Phoksundo Lake and its nearby waterfalls highlight the tour. We then make our way over a challenging high pass, Kang-La at 5,360m (17,585ft) and continue along a remote trading route to the renowned SheyGomba, an isolated monastery in a remote setting. Crystal Mountain and its monastery, Shey Gomba, are the climax of the Upper Dolpo Trek.

We enjoy the spectacular scenery in an unforgettable location before returning to Juphal and a scheduled flight to Kathmandu. The Upper Dolpo Trek is a camping tour as facilities in the region are not capable of supporting a teahouse or lodge to lodge trek. We will have a crew of porters to carry all supplies, including a dining tent, tables, chairs, bathroom tent and personal, comfortable sleeping tent. Our cook will provide quality meals and the evening around the camp will be a cozy time recollecting the wonders of the day's journey and spectacular surroundings over a good meal and a warm drink.

Few other restricted region trekkings:

Note: After exploring Upper Dolpothere is much more to do in Nepal. If you are interested in other activities such as more trekking in the mountains, tours of Pokhara and Lumbini, paragliding, rafting, canyoing, jungle safaris and more then we will be happy to arrange it all for you as a follow-on to the Upper Dolpo Trek.

Trip Highlights of Upper Dolpo Trekking

  • Remote and rugged parts of Nepal.
  • Home Land of Snow Leopard.
  • Buddhists pilgrimage site: Monasteries, Chhortens and Mani walls.
  • Stunning Shey Phoksundo Lake.
  • Three Himalayan Passes: Kang La, Saldang La and Jeng La pass.

Outline Itinerary:

  • 1Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu (1400 m)Namaste and welcome to Kathmandu. Our airport representative greets you at the international airport on your arrival. Then you will be transferred to the hotel. After Check-in at the hotel, refresh and rest yourselves. We will brefly explain our tour program in the evening. O/N at hotel.(A).
  • 2Day 2: Kathmandu to Nepalgunj flightFrom Kathmandu we take a bus or fly on any domestic carrier to Nepalgunj. western, mid-western and. It takes 1 hour to reach from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj by flight. If you go through Bus it takes around 8 hours to reach there. Overnight stay will be at hotel or lodge that is 10 to 15 minutes drive from the airport.
  • 3Day 3: Nepalgunj to Juphal (2475 m) flight and Juphal to Dunai (2140m)/ 3hrs.Today we take a 35 minutes long flight to Juphal .Our trekking starts from Juphal. The first forty five minutes of the trek descends down to Kalagauda followed by two hours of hike along the trail above Thuli Bheri River. We trek by the riverside and pass Roop Ghar with the water mill and finally reach the Dunai (2150m) a small town, the head quarter of the district.You can visit the Bon Stupa and school, Central Buddhist monastery, From the Stupa you can have the view of whole town and another village, upper Dunai too.
  • 4Day 4: Dunai to Chhepka (2687 m)/ 6hrsThe real adventure of Dolpo Mustang trek starts today. As the trek begins, we follow the classic route through Sulighar. After taking permit to Dolpo and Shey Phoksundo National park, we can continue our journey. Passing through Phoksundo River, we explore with the landscape of thevicinity. Then after, we will reach to Shangta passing through the tropical forest. Our treks end for the day after reaching to chhepka.
  • 5Day 5: Chhepka to Chunuwar / Amchi Hospital (3000 m)/ 6hrsToday, we pass through Lower Dolpo circuit. Crossing the bridge over Phoksundo River twice we stop at Rechi for lunch. Later than, Following phoksundo Khola and Yulung Khola we reached to our final Destination of the day, Amchi Hospital, where traditional doctors heal the infections and diseases using the herbal medicine found in Dolpo.
  • 6Day 6: Chunuwar / Amchi Hospital to Phoksundo Lake (3600m)/ 5-6hrsToday, climbing through the big forest we follow the route of Ringmo village. Exploring through highest waterfall and flat-roofed stone houses with lots of mani walls we cross the brigde to follow the trial to Phoksundo Lake. And we camp there itself.
  • 7Day 7: Rest dayToday, we stop our journey and start to explore with the natural beauties around Ringmo village and make one’s way to Tshowa (the lake-shore Bon Monastery). Then we drop down to Phoksundo lake along steep-sided cliffs and enjoy our nature tour
  • 8Day 8: Phoksundo to Sallaghari (3630m)/ 5-6hrs trekClimbing along the narrow trial cut on a cliff standing vertically straight above phoksundo we begins our journey to Dolpa. After sliding down through dense forest we reach to Sallagari which will be the final destination on the day and we camp inner side of the pine forest.
  • 9Day 9: Sallaghari to Nangdala HC (4717m)/ 5-6 hrs trekToday, we have to walk for almost three hours to reach Kangla/nangdala Base camp by crossing Tuk kyaksa River. We come across the wide valley followed by two hours walk, which is Kang La/Nangdala Base camp where we camp for the night.
  • 10Day 10: Nangdala HC to Shey Gompa (4343m) crossing Nangdala pass (5350m)/ 5-6hrsToday, we trek to Shey Gompa and the most sacred peak (crystal Mountain) which is the sacred peak in Dolpo where pilgrims spread before harvest. The trek to top of kang La/Nangdala Pass starts through the graveled trail. Having the sight seen of wonderful views we enter to Shey after the walk of 3 hours. In this territory, In every Dragon year according to the Tibetan calendar comes in every 12 years occurs as a grand festival. We spend overnight here.
  • 11Day 11: Shey Gompa to Namgung Gompa (4360m) crossing Shey La Pass (5100m)/ 6-7hrsToday, we will explore to the shey Gompa and starts to climb up towards the top of Shey La pass. It will take around 2 hours of hike from Sephu Khola and then we will follow the route of Namgung. In this route, we will explore with the views of Kanjiroba, Kagmara and Riu Dhukta. Namgung is the final destination of the day where we stop our journey and spend overnight there itself.
  • 12Day 12: Namgong Gompa to Saldang (3770m)/ 4-5hrsAfter exploring with monastery of Namgung set on the flanking cliff we proceed towards Saldang. Saldand is a beautiful surrounded with hill. There we will introduce with Amchi tradition and Buddhism in dolpo.We will end our trip here itself by visiting local houses, drinking some salt butter tea.
  • 13Day 13: Saldang Day hike to Yangjer Gumba (4590m)Today, we will organize a day hike after breakfast to yanher. We will pack lunch and come back after exploring with the richest monastery of this reagion. Again we will spend out night in Namgong .
  • 14Day 14: Saldangto Komash Village (4060m)/ 6 hrs trekToday, Following the Saldang lek along the Raphya khola, we will trek for six hours to reach the village of komash and spend our night here.
  • 15Day 15: Komash Village to Shimen (3850m)/ 6hrs walkToday, we may have luck to see some endangered animals during the trek from komash to Shimen. Throughout the time of 5 hours we may have sight of some endangered animals like snow leopard or Blue sheep. And finally, we will stop our trips on Shimen for night stay.
  • 16Day 16: Shimen to Tinje (4110m)Today, we begin our trips through the side of Panjyang Khola. Exploring through the some beautiful villages and gompas we will stop to Tinje for our night stay.
  • 17Day 17: Tinje Village to Yak KharkaToday, we will continue our journey from Tinje village through the settalement of Chhamdang. We will go behind the trial along the chholtam khola and Panjyan Khola. Crossing the bridge of Thalum khola, we will arrive to yak Kharka exploring the grazing Yak on the grassy mjeadow. Finally, we camp there for night.
  • 18Day 18: Yak Kharka to Tokyu (4240m)Crossing the bridge over Sulun khola, we reach to choila North Pass. It is quite difficult route throughout the trekking. After two hours of trek it takes us to the peak of Choila Pass from where we can have a view of Tokyu Camps.And finally we will end our trek at Takyu by camping.
  • 19Day 19: Tokyu to Dho Tarap (3944m) Rest dayToday is the rest day. So we will have a short trip to Dho Tarap which will take one and half hours walk from Tokyo. There we will explore with chortens, Mani walls and monasteries. As well, we will introduce to the nature tour and a cultural program consisting of traditional Tibetan dances with songs. And we will spend our overnight at Dho Tarap itself.
  • 20Day 20: Dho Tarap to Naworpani (3475m)Today, passing through Tarap Khola and mirububane Khola we begin our journey. Exploring with beautiful views of arid landscape we will pass through Sisaul, toltol village. We will conduct a quite long trek and stop at Nawarpani for night.
  • 21Day 21: Naworpani to Lashicap (2775m)Today, we will explorw with the green forest passing through the Tarap Khola. For a while we will slide up high to Lamchaur. Crossing Lahini, we move down the hill to Chhedul Gompa and stop at Laisicap for the camp.
  • 22Day 22: Lashicap to Dunai 6hrsStarting the trek from Lashicap, we reach to Tarakot after crossing the bridge over the Thuki Bheri River. The route has forested region and has cultivated tarraced field. Today we will stay at dunai.
  • 23Day 23: Dunai to JuphalAfter a couple of hours trek from Dunai we reach to juphal and we will stay there itself overnight.
  • 24Day 24: Juphal to Nepalgunj flight and Nepalgunj to Kathmandu flightFrom Juphal we fly to Nepalgunj by early morning. After arriving to Nepalgunj, we will have rest on hotel. During afternoon,we will take off to kathmandu by flight and have accommodation on the 2*/3* hotel.
  • 25Day 25: Depart KathmanduOur representative will drive you to airport and organize farewell for you departure.

Trip Note

Arrival in Nepal

According to your arrival itinerary in Nepal, Good Vibe Adventure welcomes you at the entry point or at the airport and takes you to the hotel. We also brief you in short about the programs.


Private Tourist vehicle to airport drops and pick up/ round flight trip KTM-Nepalgunj-Juphal-Nepalgunj-KTM.

Food/ Water and Accommodation on Upper Dolpo Trekking

We provide Standard breakfast in Kathmandu. During the trekking, we provide breakfast and dinner at the lodge and lunch on the trekking trail. We recommend you to bring water purification pills, but you have options of buying bottled water or boiled water as well.

We offer 2-3 star Hotel Accommodation in Kathmandu but it can be customized according to your request. And best available lodge in the trekking. Lodges with basic facilities are available in  Upper Dolpo Trekking

Luggage on  Upper Dolpo Trekking

During the trekking, your bag pack will be carried by the porter and you can use your belongings at your desired time. You can just carry a day pack with a water bottle, camera, sun-screen, spare jacket, etc. Except for the necessary things, you can deposit your belongings to the hotels' locker.

Communication, Electricity and Battery Charge on  Upper Dolpo Trekking

Despite some areas, there is network coverage of mobile phones in almost the places. The landline phones are also available for communication. Electricity or solar powers are available for the mobile charge. It is better to have a spare battery.

Health Issues

It is better to consult with your doctor before going to the  Upper Dolpo Trekking. Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS)/ High Altitude Sickness can occur during the trekking so proper acclimatization is needed. Please, take your required medicine with you.


Insurance helps you to get a quick rescue and medical expenses. It is an expensive operation from the higher altitude in the helicopter. It cuts your economic burden if some accidents happen. Insurance should be done by you.

Best Trekking season for the  Upper Dolpo Trekking

Autumn and spring are the best seasons for  Upper Dolpo Trekking. Days are warm and nights are chilling. Mornings are usually clear and fine weather. It can be cloudy around the afternoon and evening. The winter season is more challenging due to the heavy snowfall.

Booking and Payment procedure

20% payment should be paid in advance while you book the trip. It should include Passport copy and flight detail. The rest of the 80% payment is payable at your arrival in Nepal. You can pay by your credit card and deposit into the bank account of Good Vibe Adventure from your country and can pay cash after your arrival.

Trip Extension

In addition to Upper Dolpo Treks, we can also extend the trip to jungle safari, Lumbini Tour, Nepal Tour, Rafting along with tour activities in Tibet and Bhutan. Please, let us know earlier if you want to extend your trip either inside Nepal or outside of it according to your time management.


  • Trip Duration 25 Days
  • Destination Nepal
  • Trip Difficulty Challenginng
  • Trip Style Tour and Trekking
  • Accomodation Lodge and Camp
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