Food and cuisines in Nepal

There are varieties of dishes in Nepal, which are similar to the Indian and Tibetan styles. Food habits are different according to the regions. However, Newari and Thakali cuisines are authentic Nepali items. The most popular meal in Nepal is Dal Bhat (lentil, curry and boiled rice), together with pickle. It is interestingly said that Dal Bhat Power 24 Hour. Mo:mos are widely used snack, especially in the urban areas and the Himalayan regions with the influence of Tibetan lifestyle.

Nepalese people eat meal thrice a day, meals in the morning and evening and snack in the midday. Mostly, they drink milk/black tea in the morning and during the snacks. Drinking coffee is in practice in the cities. Nepalese foods are less oily and spicy. Gundruk Dheedo is a traditional dish in Nepal, which is sugar free. Gundruk is made of spinach and Dheedo with wheat or maize flour. Chatamari, which is flat bread made from rice flour with or without toppings meat or vegetables is popular as Newari pizza.

There are two typical drinks in Nepal; Raksi and Tongba. Raksi is a domestic brewery, which is very much important to many ethnic groups for their rituals and cultural ceremonies. It is not legal to sell as the bottle items in the market. Tongba is another popular cultural drink, especially in Limbu culture. It is a home-based wine, well loved during the winter season.