Responsible Travel

Responsible travel is an essential aspect for any kind of touristic activities. It has become a large industry and millions of people are depending in this sector. The mass movement of the travelers from one place to another can create cultural confusion and environmental pollution. Good Vibe Adventure Company is always alert on such issues so we are launching our tour and trekking activities in a friendly and ecological pattern. We know that our targeted destinations like Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan have their own social values and lifestyles and we, as a leading tour and trekking operator has been making aware our guides and guests to respect the local regulations.

We are conscious about the impact of our tourism activities to the development of local communities. We always focus on the utilization of the local production, interaction and exchange the experience between each other and promotion of ethnic traditions. Our team has been involving in the environmental cleanup campaign on the trekking trails. We trek by being aware of eco system and the conservation of biodiversity, so we have been sending our staffs on such environmental trainings.