Mountain Biking Tour

Mountain biking is an excellent way to tour the Himalaya for people preferring wheels to foot exploration. Both allow up-close experiences of the natural scenery in an environmentally friendly way. Mountain biking can be enjoyed throughout the country on the more or less famous routes.

Mountain biking in Kathmandu Valley offers a view of the city as well as the villages landscape of nearby hills and ridge tops. Longer journeys take place both, in remote areas and in well-established trekking routes of Nepal.

Our preferred trails lead to lush valleys with terraced fields, rivers and dense jungles. The mountain panoramas will be unforgettable and the villages people with their traditional lifestyle will touch your heart. Additional bike tours focus on city highlights, and we visit world heritage sites and less known delights of the metropolis where the beautiful architecture and monuments will reveal the ancient beginnings of the valley.

Two wheel explorations are one of the most versatile and enjoyable way to experience the natural beauty of Nepal. From one day city tours to weeklong trips around the Annapurna Circuit and everything in between, we are ready to assist in you in finding your ultimate biking adventure!

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