Best Tourist Destination in Nepal

Nepal, consisting of different types of flora and fauna is the reason for being the best destination for tourists. Diversity in culture is the main attraction point of Nepal. It is a landlocked country with a tough geographical structure. We can say that Nepal is the country of the lap of mountains. Talking about climate, it has a moderate climate with which everyone can adjust. Mount Everest is the identity of Nepal with a height of 8848 m (from sea level). There are many places to visit in Nepal. They are:

Mount Everest

Mount Everest is the highest peaks in the world with a height of 8848 m. Mount Everest attracts many climbers. There are mainly two climbing routes, one approaching the summit from Nepal and another from Tibet.  The journey to Everest begins with the flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. Passing through the Sherpa villages, the traveler can experience the Buddhist culture and Different new tastes food. It will take almost 15 days to complete the trek of Mount Everest base camp.

The Everest region has been valued as a habitat of endangered species like snow leopard, Red panda, Himalayan black bear, and Musk deer and Himalayan wolves. The trekking route is quite tough. But the scenery of the natural beauties helps them to add liveliness over the traveler’s journey. Climbing Mount Everest is considered the most difficult part of the journey. Nearly more than 300 people have already lost their life. So this trek can be taken as the king of the adventure.


It is the best choice to explore the untouched beauty of nature, wilderness of landscapes and isolated Tibetan culture beyond the Himalayas. Trekking in Upper Mustang is a privilege that only a few travelers get every year. The upper Mustang trek provides mystical experience walking back to the history of Lo-Manthang, the ancient capital of former Mustang (locally called Lo). The early history of Lo-manthang is adorned in myths and legends rather than recorded facts. It is a magical place imbibed with a great history. At the end of the 18th century, it was annexed by Nepal from Tibet consisting majority of the population still speaking Tibetan languages. Mustang is also called the hidden Kingdom of Nepal as the region has its own king to date.

Tiji festival, The Royal palace, Thungchen Gompa, The Jampa Monastery, Man-made sky caves, Amchi museum and Amchi School and Muktinath temple are the major attraction of mustang. Upper Mustang Trek region lies in the Himalayan rain shadow; it receives less to almost no rainfall during the monsoon season. This makes the region suitable for trekking even during this time of year. Likewise, winter comes with extreme cold that can be harsh on the trekkers. However, the best season to trek is September to October during which one can enjoy excellent weather and magnificent mountain views.

 There are two popular trekking routes around Upper Mustang. The most popular is the standard route straight up and down from Kagbeni to Lo-Manthang and the second one where you follow a much wider route down the eastern side of Kaligandaki. All the routes offer dramatic arid landscapes with fantastic colorful strata laid out on high cliffs with unique rock formations. Beneath these mountains lie rivers, salt waters, apple orchards, barley farms, unique Buddhist buildings, and whitewashed villages. However, tougher eastern routes provide more beautiful sceneries than western routes in the cost of long walking days. Also, camping is necessary due to a lack of accommodation since the route is less densely populated. Upper Mustang Trek is worth spending time, money and energy. Living far away from the hustle of big cities and modernization, people here are known for their warmest heart and hospitality. One will witness the pattern of epic lifestyle passing from generation to generation. The land untouched by modern colors of livings makes the experiences unusual for the visitors. Thus, two weeks of this ultimate trek route promises to be a once in a lifetime experience.

Kathmandu Valley

♦ One Day Kathmandu valley sightseeing 

Kathmandu is the main gateway to Nepal through different countries. It is the main target of the tourist. Here, tourist can be refreshed by having sight seen of different 7 destinations which are enlisted in the World Heritage Sites of UNESCO. They are:

Kathmandu Durbar Square

It is located at the heart of the ancient city in Kathmandu and renowned as the city’s most striking landmark of traditional architecture which once used to be the residence of the royal family. Hanumandhoka Square named after the statue of “The monkey god” placed right next to the main entrance believed to be protecting the whole place. The major interesting monuments are Kumari Ghar, Taleju temple, Kala Bhairav, Jaganath Temple, Big Bell, Statue of King Pratap Malla, towering Nautale Durbar overlooking the beautiful city and vast Basantapur Square all embellished with carved exteriors. Hence, a tour of Kathmandu Durbar square is indeed a tour of the country’s history and its incredible culture.  

Swoyambhu Stupa

Swoyambhu Stupa is one of the most ancient and glorious holy shrines that slightly rose from valley presenting a magnificent view of Kathmandu valley. It is a mosaic of small stupas, Pagoda Temples, centuries-old statues, fluttering prayer flags, and fragrance if incense sticks creating a delightful environment at this prestigious site. Here, stands a whitewashed dome to a gilded spire, having four iconic faces of Buddha outstanding across the valley in four directions. Swoyambunath, generally called ‘the monkey temple’ provides a fascinating experience as hundreds of monkey scamper around as you climb 365 steps towards the enlighten masterpiece. It is the best place to experience the Buddhist Norms and values with the music “Om Mane Padme Hum”.

Pashupatinath Temple

Pashupatinath is the artistically unique masterpiece passing pagoda style of architecture that stands gorgeously on the bank of Bagmati River. The firm beliefs of devotees and the gorgeously astonishing beauty of Mother Nature synchronize in this sacred land. The historically significant Pashupati area has been recorded as the most visited pilgrimage site for devotees of Lord Shiva from all over the world. The main temple of Pashupatinath comprised of a bunk roof, silver-plated doors, and a golden spire, richly decorated with wooden sculptures, just ahead of which is the huge golden statue of Nandi. The complex consists of the unique atmosphere of numerous temples, statues, shrines, dramatic presence of deer’s and monkeys wandering shadus, unusual cremation at Aryaghat are contributing to an unmatched religious, cultural and spiritual experiences. There are around 492 temples, 15 Shivalayas, 12 jyotirlingas to explore and of course, the Bagmati Ganga Aarati along with Shiva’s Bhojan is thoroughly worth seeing.   

Boudhanath Stupa

Boudhanath Stupa provides inspiring sightseeing of massive whitewashed dome to its gilded tower dominating the skyline of that area. Boudha is one of the striking landmark welcoming wasters around the world, as a center of Tibetan Buddhism in Nepal. It looks like a giant Mandela buzzing with energy. Within the circles, Boudha embraces peace, wisdom, awareness, enlighten and unity. Its highly symbolic construction is matchless to any other stupas of Nepal.  

Changunarayan Temple

This ancient Hindu temple is located on a high hilltop of Bhaktapur surrounded by the champak tree forest. This is considered as the oldest temple of Nepal and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Built-in pagoda style, the main temple is guarded by mythical pairs of animals like lions, sarabhas, griffons, and elephants on its entrance. It has the finest collection of statues, carvings of 10 Vishnu’s incarnations surrounding the temple. It’s historically beautiful with sound nature enriched with cultural devotions.

Patan Durbar Square

This imposing historical landmark is farmed at the center of Lalitpur, Nepal. The square is the brilliant piece of architecture encircled by four stupas at each corners and floor tiled with red bricks revealing typical Newari architecture. Along with the antique Royal palace, Krishna Mandir, Golden Temple, rato machhindrnath temple, Taleju Bhawani Temple, Bagalimukhi temples are the significant attraction around the Patan durbar square. The durbar square as a whole is like a museum displaying traditional sacred art, culture, history in its pure form.

Bhaktapur Durbar square

Bhaktapur durbar square is a highly visited historical site in Kathmandu valley that represents the ancient royal palace of the old Bhaktapur Kingdom. The square is the most charming architectural showcase that signifies traditional Nepali culture. Unique wooden arts of medieval age and rituals of indigenous Newari people. It is an astonishing fusion of pagoda and shikhara style temples devoted to different gods and goddesses assembled around a fifty-five window palace of brick and wood. Other attractive monuments include nyatapila Temple, Statue of King Bhupatindra Malla, Peacock window, Golden gate and so on.


Pokhara is the most famous tourist destination in Nepal. Pokhara is located 200 kilometers west of the capital, Kathmandu. It is the second most visited city with a tranquil atmosphere. It lies on the Coast of Phewa Lake. One of the amazing facts is that you can see the three highest mountains out of ten from Pokhara. So it can be said that it is the city surrounded by mountains. Here you can be explored with natural beauties with the view of the fishtail.

Mainly, Phewa lake, Peace Stupa, Begnas Lake, Bat’s cave, Mahindra cave, Gupteshwor temple, Bindabashani Temple, David’s fall are the major places of Pokhara to visit. Sarankot is a hilltop of Pokhara from where you can see a spectacular view of Pokhara city and the ranges of the snow-capped mountain, Annapurna. Sarankot is also famous for the destination of paragliding. Here, you can find a mysterious thing too “The gorge made by the Seti river and its disappearance”.  So, Visiting Pokhara would make your journey perfection.

♦ Pokhara City Tour


Lumbini is one of the significant places for Buddhist pilgrimage tour in the world. The Lumbini tour is a popular religious tour to exploring historical sites and the birthplace of Lord Buddha. It is located in the southern part of Nepal. It is also enlisted in the World heritage site of UNESCO. Lumbini sightseeing also includes a visit to the Japanese built pagoda dedicated to world peace.

The Maya Devi Temple is dedicated to the mother of Lord Buddha Maya Devi. It has attracted all the visitors to know the fact about the image of the first step stepped by the Lord Buddha. It is also regarded as a significant place in Buddhism.

Lumbini Garden is another main fascinating place in Lumbini. It is taken as a holy place, which is surrounded by several temples and Ashoka Pillar which was built by great emperor Ashoka around 250 BC.

Pushkarni Pool is located in front of Maya Devi temple. It is believed that there, King and Queen used to take bath. The Lumbini museum is a live record of historical materials like coin, clothes, as well as excavated wooden and bricks objects. Besides these, you will find many other monasteries built by different countries.

The Lumbini can be reached by flight to the Bhairawa airport, which is just 15 minutes drive from there. Another option is by drive from Kathmandu for about 7 hours. Good Vibe Adventure welcomes you to explore the sacred land of Lord Buddha.

♦  Lumbini Tour

Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National park is a natural world heritage site of Nepal, situated in the southern lowlands region. It is 150km away from the Kathmandu valley. It is the most visited national park which includes more than 400 species of wild animals. It is also considered as the home of one-horned Rhino. Likely the royal Bengal tiger, sloths, and Gharial Crocodiles are found here. You can get opportunities of getting explored with natural resources from elephant safari, Jeep safari, and with canoeing too. Shaura is the base of the Chitwan national park. There you can explore with the Tharu community and their culture. Night stay in the jungle with fire camp would bring perfectness in your journey. The hiss of alligator, the chatter of chimpanzee, the chirp of the birds, the trumpet of the elephants and the bellow of Rhinos will add some liveliness in the journey.

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