Dolpo Trekking

Dolpo is one of the least populated and unexplored regions of Nepal.

The stark beauty of this remote is unmatched in Nepal. It gained worldwide fame through the works of Snell groves Himalayan Pilgrimages , Matthiessens The Snow Leopard and, the award-winning film The Caravan.

The isolated area was opened to tourists in 1989, but only a relatively few trekkers have traveled there. The culture is strongly influenced by Tibetan Buddhism and the Born practices from which it originates. Dolpo's ill maintains much of its mystique and serenity. Dolpo and its people have strong ties to Tibet and the area is part of an ancient trade route. The people in the region share lifestyle similarities with Tibetans.

Although some people trek from lower south into the region, most journeys in Dolpo begin with a flight to Jhupal, the gateway to Dolpo Trekking. The area has many majestic villages and forests of oak, rhododendron (Nepal's national flower) and pine. Dolpo is home to Shey Phoksundo National Park, the largest national park in Nepal and the main attraction of this region Trekking.

Highlights of Dolpo Trekking includes Ringmo village set along Phoksundo Lake, nearby waterfalls, high passes, mountain views, and Crystal Mountain with its monastery, Shey Gomba. The whole region has non-stop, spectacular scenery and rich cultural attractions!

If you are looking for a challenging adventure in the Himalaya, away from the busier routes, then the spectacular Dolpo region awaits you. Good Vibe will help you explore all its treasures. Please feel free to contact us.

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