Flora and Fauna in Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful country full of various flora and fauna. The southern part of the country is the lowland region and the highest peak of the world-Mt. Everest lies in the northern part. Due to the geographical and climatic variations in the country, Nepal has got a diverse species of plants, birds, mammals and reptiles. Generally, they can be divided into four parts:


Tropical Zone (up to 1000m)

The tropical region covers the large area of lowland and lower hill part. Flora like Sal, Simal, Asna, Pinus Rosburghi is found in this region. The birds like peacock, jungle fowl and black partridge and other migrating birds found there.To talk about wildlife, tigers, deers, gaurs, leopards, buffaloes, rhino and others are found in the tropical zone. Crocodile and Gangetic dolphin are found in the rivers.


Subtropical Zone (1100m-2400m)

This region goes up to the Mahabharata range in Nepal. It includes several green hills and outer core of the Himalayan range. The subtropical zone covers the major areas of large Rivers like Karnali, Saptakoshi, and Narayani. Including several other flora, this region is the shelter for Oak, Rhododendron and Orchids. It is also the homeland of several wild animals. Some of them are Ghoral, Bear, Deer, and Wild Boar along with several species of birds.


Temperate Zone (2500m- 4000m)

It is the great Himalayan zone, which includes plant species like Oaks, Pines, Larix, and Abies-spp in the coniferous forests. Rhododendron, bamboo, and maples are also found in this region. The Red Panda, Himalayan Black Bear, Serow, Himalayan Tahr, Ghoral, Barking Deer and Wild boar are some of the wild animals found in this region. Among several species of birds, Danfe is a beautiful and national bird found in the temperate zone.


Subalpine and Alpine Zone (More than 4000m)

Rhododendron, juniper scrub, and other woody vegetation are the distinct flora in this region. In the fauna, Himalayan marmots, mouse hare, thar, musk deer, snow leopard and occasionally blue sheep are found. Lammergeyer, snowcock, snow partridge, and bunting, with redstarts and dippers like birds are generally seen in the subalpine and alpine zone.