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07 1st 2014

Think of Nepal tour? Find Qishan (Kisan Thapa) brother!

His pronunciation of our name and Pharaoh homonyms, probably no one told him that in China there are household names today such a pronunciation of the same name. In fact, on his card was not Chinese, so let's just say that is easy to remember his countrymen, easy to greet him. Just stepped out of Kathmandu airport hotel pick up a small bus, Qishan appeared, speaking good Chinese and greet us, sincere enthusiasm. Handed him a business card, tell if travel arrangements necessary, and contact him immediately to get off. No hype flicker, and no strong to drag. Competitive tourism in Nepal, our hotel around it littered with several different small travel agency. To heaven, has long been a mess of vicious competition. After some contacts comparison, try holding the mood and dialed telephone Qishan, we also began a 15-day trip to Nepal. Looking back now, we are fortunate to run into a good guy children, two weeks was thoughtful and meticulous travel arrangements, prominent features, not here to talk about the details, lest the reader loses freshness. Parting Qishan told us that he actually went to the airport every day with his three-month intensive Chinese (really good) very hard to find Chinese people approached, he hopes to have more repeat customers (recommended), he no longer runs the airport every day, you can have more time to his tourism career development larger. Hearty congratulations on the success of their brothers, and for this to write the above recommended introduction. Poem: Boca lyric hazy fog in the shadow of the mountain lake, there is a turbulent truth. Mu passengers not leaving a legacy, love the freedom of the world line. BEAR