Ahn V

Mr. Ahn V

21 9th 2018

Thanks a lot for making such an awesome 1st trip to Nepal possible for us

Tbh i didnt have much expectation for Nepal but rather to be tagged along w my friends on this trip. Then, i must say i am really glad to make it here.not only My 1st trekking trip abroad for 4 days(the longest ever made),but the reward is priceless.not just for the view but the feeling of overcoming fears and doubts . All of this can not be made possible without the arrangement and help from good vibe adventure.not only the price is very reasonable (we did our research quite well and can confidently say so) but the service provides is way beyond the call of duty.thanks a lot to Kisan,Ram and Chandra. I hope to return here again soon to conquer the next mile stone in my trekking check list haaha;)