Mr. EmeraldMomo

18 2nd 2019

Private Tour via Chartered Car

It was initially recommended by my mate since he and Kisan Thapa-the managing director of Good Vibe Adventure- have known each other for 7 years. In the meantime, I also changed my plan fr solo traveling to a parent-child(me n mom LOL) kind, that is, the Ktm-Chitwan-Pokhara-Patan/Bhaktapur-Ktm route upon my mate's advice. 
Before our departure to Nepal, me and Kisan had a preliminary discussion about the plan and airport transfers and he suggested we could discuss the details in his office after our arrival. We first met Kisan in person at the airport right after we landed in Ktm and afterwards we went to his office-Good Vibe Adventure- located in Thamel, and booked a 6days 5nights package deal, incl a chartered car with driver, 4 nights hotels, Chitwan wildlife safari& paragliding in Pokhara. Kisan could speak fluent Chinese that also made my mom feel comfy in Nepal. Btw, you could also exchanged Nepalese Rupee with Kisan and make sure you have enough "pocket money" otw.
Kisan didnt follow the trip so the next time we met him was the evening we went back to Ktm. Btw, Kisan also invited us to a nice momo restaurant and had our "see-u" dinner before we left Nepal. He also helped me to send my postcard despite I aint sure when my frn could receive the same. Also gotta mention our experienced driver Umesh. Thanks to his safe mountain driving and always picked up us on time. 
About the price i assume it was fair upon the service and compared to the market price. But to be honest, I had never compared the price as Kisan is a long time associate with my mate. Anyway, it was my first time in Nepal and my mom's first time abroad. Thanks Kisan for the nice arrangement and made us this fun and safe family custom tour.