Mr. repoulin

17 1st 2014

Priceless Help and Unforgetable Friend

Where ever you go in Nepal you will probably get a great deal and meet great people. We happen to go with Good Vibe and we were glad we did. Keshan was very helpful with planning and helped us pick the right tours for the amount of time we were there. Everything was booked and handled by him. We had trouble at an ATM machine. We pressed 35,000 Rupees but it only gave us 17,000. We didnt know what to do, and figured the money was gone. Who was going to believe us? Keshan took charge and handled everything. We didnt have to change our tour while the bank figured out the money. He took the hit while he sorted it out. The next day everything was taken care of. The driver was great and safe. I recommend everyone to have a private driver. It cuts down on the hassel and they are much safer. On our last day, the hotel put us in the wrong car to the airport. Again we called Keshan and he took care of it, as the driver wanted us to pay even though we pre-paid for a driver through Good Vibe who was waiting at our hotel searching for us.