Ms. tinayoga

09 12th 2017

Memorable trip

I came to know Good Vibe Adventure though TripAdvisor. The reviews were so good that I told myself I just had to give this company a try even though I have booked most of my activities. I was not disappointed. Kisan attended to all my enquiries with quick response time.Through his company, we booked paragliding, day tour in Pokhara and domestic flight back to Kathmandu. These two activities were scheduled towards the end of our trip. Nevertheless, Kisan got in touch with us right at the beginning of the trip. In a country where language is a barrier, this little touch is like light in the dark.

Everything went through smoothly with the paragliding and day tour. However, our domestic flight was cancelled due to poor weather condition and time factor. We were at a lost for there was no more flight for the day. We needed to get back to Kathmandu as we had a flight to catch the next day. Almost immediately, we called Kisan for assistance and he quickly made arrangement for a private car hire. It was almost 4ish when we set off for Kathmandu and we were soon driving in the dark with many heavy trucks sharing the same lane. It was way past midnight by the time we reached our hotel safely. The journey would not be so smooth if not for the driver's excellent driving skill and alertness! We were very grateful for his dedication.

Despite all the helps he had rendered, Kisan met up with us and generously offered to bring us to a good Chinese restaurant. Unfortunately, we had to turn down due to time constraint.

Back in Singapore, when we were trying to make insurance claim for the flight cancellation, Kisan helped out patiently by preparing all the documents that are required by the insurance company.

This trip would not be so smooth sailing without the help from Kisan and his team. I would highly recommended Good Vibes Adventure to anyone who want a stress-free trip with a reasonable price and a highly responsive team!!!

Thanks Kisan.