Mr. Jayden

11 2nd 2013


I first came to Nepal with no clue how to get the best bang for my buck, so like many frugal travelers I did some research. After being pressured by too many companies to get more than I needed, I found Keshab at Good Vibe with some advice from friends. I knew right away I could trust this company, and I was offered right away a great price and amazing service. They were ready to answer any questions about anything in Nepal.

The trip I booked was 14 days in Langtang. My guide, Durga, had had many years of guiding experience and was very easy to get along with. He had a vast knowledge of all of the trails, peaks and even knew many of the people working at each Guest House (which has many benefits!) Right away he understood my boundaries and kept a positive mentality to help get me through the tough times, and we celebrated our small victories each night.

This company is trustworthy, good value, and goes far above and beyond their duties to make an enjoyable trip. I would recommend Good Vibe Adventure to anyone seeking these attributes!