Mr. creps29

14 1st 2014

In safe hands with Good Vibe

I travelled to Nepal in December 2013. My entire Nepali adventure was organised by Kisan and Keshab from Good Vibe and they were brilliant! They were quickly and knowledgeably able to organise an itinerary custom built around the available time i had to see Nepal (sadly only 6 days) and covering all areas I wanted to see. (Kathmandy Valley, Chitwan and Pokhara) The hotels they booked for me were in perfect alignment with my expectations and I found their services to be reliable and trustworthy. I was particularly impressed by how they kept track of my trip via continuously contacting their driver to find out if we had made it to our next destination ok. Good Vibe was able to sort out all my reservations, including a paragliding booking, which unfortunately had to be cancelled due to bad weather and without any problem whatsoever I was refunded on the spot by Good Vibe for that activity. I was travelling alone and felt in perfectly safe hands all through the journey. The guys at good vide were also willing to accommodate additional requests I made which were not directly related to my planned itinerary. Not only that but upon returning to Kathmandu, they were even kind enough to arrange accommodation for my last night and transportation to the airport on the next day. I fell in love with Nepal, in no small part by how easy Kisan and Keshab made my trip. I will surely be returning in 2014 and I will definitely turn to them for more guidance on exploring this beautiful country.