Mr. Mike

12 12th 2023

Hey Man Good Vibes

I randomly met Kisan through a cool taxi driver who was definitely a worshipper of Lord Shiva. Like the name of his company says, it’s all good vibes. So based on the vibes I decided to book a 2 week adventure with his company. I normally travel and figure out everything on my own, but sometimes it’s nice to have someone a text away or a phone call away who can be like your personal concierge and handle bookings for things like hotels and busses and other logistics. Kisan came through every time, responding right away if something went awry. It’s important to remember that it’s Nepal and sometimes things won’t be perfectly operational and it’s all part of the adventure and it’s not really anyone’s fault. Kisan definitely helps out as much as humanly possible. Would recommend you give him a shot.