Mr. zhixiong d

19 1st 2014

Dreamful tour by bearpear

Blue sky, white mountain peaks, green lake, wild jungle, magnificent palaces and pagodas, diversified cultures and religions, multinationalities: all of them are in harmony. Is it paradise? No, it is Nepal, the paradise on earth. Thanks to Good Vibe Adventure's thoughtful arrangement, we have experienced a 15 day dreamful tour, escaped far away from so called modern life, shared the New Year celebration parade with joyful local people and spent our honey-moon like happy time on the paradise on earth. The heros here are not billionaires or fasion pursuers but brave mountain climbers, paragliders, jungle trekers in jeans, walking shoes and mountain boots. I am proud that we are of them. Thank you, Thapa brothers! (I also have a recommendation on your Chinese website.)