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10 11th 2013

100 China Travel

experienced more than 20 days in four countries in Southeast Asia island heritage travel, and finally came to a mysterious stranger in Nepal, the fifth station, haha first impression, shabby, dirty, no order, the language barrier, the locals understand Few Chinese, we encountered bad luck, enthusiastic young would say • Chinese travel agency boss Kisan Thapa, arranged for us a perfect blue Beene (the birthplace of Buddha), it is strongly recommended: Kidd Wang (Jungle River ride an elephant, canoe & boat ride to see the wild crocodiles, bird watching, watching the sunrise and sunset), Pokhara (see snow mountaineering trekking Everest) Oh we are lazy glider switch to see Everest, 6 days United States trip, huh times this trip makes us feel the other side of Nepal's beautiful, beautiful sacred Buddhist shrine, the beauty of the wild jungle, the steep river serene Park Lake beauty, pure holy mountain beauty of the original ecology of Nepalese culture pleasant climate of the United States (various fruits have), Nepal affordable food (grilled wild boar row, wild fish) Nepalese beauty of simple folk. Thank Qishan Thapa as we arranged the trip. I will come again, and I will recommend my friends to Nepal. Chu: Qishan boss business is booming