Arisoodan Shrestha

Tour guide

Mr. Arisoodan Shrestha

Arisoodan Shrestha is a tour guide at our company. He is expert in English, Japanese and Hindi languages and has been guiding since the establishment of the Good Vibe Adventure Company. He is a licensed tour guide authorized by the government of Nepal, Ministry of Tourism. He is very experienced, honest and professional in his job.

He is a citizen of Kathmandu; belonging to the local Newar community. It is one of the indigenous groups among more than 132 indigenous groups of people in Nepal. They also have their own Newari mother Language/dialects. This community is rich in their own Culture, Custom, Art and History. Almost all Cultures and Festival belong to Newari community. We are very proud our team members have such a knowledgeable person as a Tour Guide.