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Our Chitwan Jungle Safari package is an adventurous journey through a protected a national park in the southern plains of Nepal, bordering to India. To experience all that Nepal has to offer, a safari is a must do activity!

Chitwan National Park (and associated Parsa Wildlife Reserve) 932 (360 sq.mi) was the first designated park in Nepal, established in 1973. It is a World Heritage Site (Natural) and a highly popular destination in Nepal. Its a well sought place for its exceptional beauty and rare animals. The park is home to large mammals, including tiger, leopard, greater one-horned rhinoceros, and Indian bison. There are over 480 bird species, which is more than any of Nepals other protected areas.

Our Chitwan Jungle Safari takes you to the lush lowland grasslands and jungles extending into the Siwalik Hills, with many Sal trees. These trees are a favorite of the Hindu Deity Vishnu and Buddha was born under one. They are a valuable source of hardwood in Nepal.

We will have several modes of travel through this mesmerizing land, each providing a different perspective and being accompanied by an experienced guide. Each includes a jeep safari, an elephant ride, a canoe ride and going about on foot. After exploring the jungles and meadows, looking exotic animals in their natural setting, our comfortable lodge provides a serene and relaxing setting for lounging and taking in views of the vast plains and surrounding beauty. As the sunset lights up the sky and the stars begin to come out, you will truly feel free from the worlds cares. A Chitwan Jungle Safari is an unforgettable getaway that is full of adventure!

  • Destination Nepal
  • Trip Difficulty Easy
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