The Famous Manaslu Circuit Trek of Nepal

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Overview of Manaslu Circuit Trekking 

The Manaslu Circuit Trek takes you on an incredible adventure through the heart of Nepal, among the gorgeous Himalayas. Adventurers can enjoy the ideal combination of scenic beauty, cultural diversity, and physical difficulty during this encounter. 

The stunning scenery, which varies from green subtropical woods to high-mountain passes, will surprise you. Every step you take around the magnificent Manaslu mountain, the eighth-highest peak in the world, will reward you with breathtaking vistas. 

For those looking for a less congested option to the more popular routes, this journey offers an amazing chance. It's not just about testing your endurance but also immersing yourself in the local culture and traditions of the region's indigenous people. Get ready for an unforgettable experience that will leave you with incredible memories to cherish.

Brief History of the Trek

The term Manaslu Circuit comes from the Sanskrit word "manasa," which means "intellect" or "soul." It has gained popularity recently as a less congested alternative to the well-known Annapurna Circuit. This reflects the profound spiritual connection that many hikers experience while on their journey. 

The circuit highlights the breathtaking natural beauty and vibrant culture of the Nepalese Himalayas and was opened to international hikers in 1991. It also offers an insight into the lifestyle of ethnic communities like the Nubri and Tsum, whose ancient Buddhist temples and customs bring an interesting cultural dimension to the strenuous hike.

Location and Significance of the Manaslu Circuit Journey 

This well-known journey circles the magnificent Mount Manaslu, which rises to a height of 26,781 feet and is the eighth-highest summit in the world. 

The beginning point of your journey is Soti Khola, which is located in Nepal's Gorkha region and is accessible from Kathmandu by a scenic drive. The villages here, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, have a straightforward appeal and peaceful surroundings.

You will see a diverse array of native plants and animals on your route. Nature lovers will find paradise in this area, which is a designated conservation park with a variety of habitats, including alpine flower-filled meadows and woodlands filled with birds. So if you're lucky, you could see some of the rare animals that inhabit this area.

You'll travel through charming villages and get a taste of the culture, traditions, and kind people of Nepal. The trip experience is genuinely unique, especially when combined with breathtaking scenery and cultural immersion.

Reaching the breathtaking 16,752-foot Larkya La Pass marks the conclusion of your adventure. With Mount Manaslu and the neighboring peaks dominating the background, the panoramic views from this location are breathtaking and are sure to leave any nature lover spellbound.

However, this hike isn't only about admiring the breathtaking scenery of the Manaslu area. It also serves as an example of human strength, bravery, and the innate need to discover unknown lands. Along with experiencing amazing cultures and landscapes, the journey is also a celebration of the breathtaking majesty of nature and an exercise in self-strength.

Best Time to Trek to Manaslu Circuit 

Seasonal variations in weather

Adventurers are drawn to the Manaslu area because of its year-round, constantly changing weather. Every season has its special beauty and difficulties.

With bright skies, sunny days, and comfortable temperatures, spring, which lasts from March to May, is a favorable season. The mountains turn green as the plants spring to life. This is a favorite period for trekking and photography because of the dry terrain and cloud-free views.

After the monsoon, the cooler months of September through November provide vibrant leaves, fresh air, and consistent weather. Travelers love this attractive season because it offers great trekking conditions.

Winter, which lasts from December to February, turns the country into a sight blanketed in snow, even with all the associated risks—like avalanches and slick surfaces. But the snow has its excitement, so this is a good time of year for daring travelers.

June through August is monsoon season, and it is distinguished by a lot of rain. This gives an enticing freshness with lush flora and exciting cascades, but it may also make the pathways treacherous and hide vistas. During this season, hikers should be ready for potentially muddy routes.

To sum up, Manaslu's weather is more complex than just variations in temperature and precipitation. Every season offers unique difficulties, beauty, and adventure, making each trip here unique and unforgettable.

Peak Trekking Months 

October and November are often the finest months to hike the Manaslu Circuit because of the bright sky and pleasant weather, which provide breathtaking views of Manaslu and the other mountain peaks. With the monsoon season over, these months bring with them an especially bright environment. 

The pathways are especially beautiful from late March to May, when rhododendron and other wildflowers bloom in vibrant colors. It is simpler to navigate passes and trails are in better shape when hiking during these busy seasons.

Noteworthy stops and attractions along the way

As trekkers navigate the circuit, they encounter a series of enchanting sites:

  • Philim Village: is a cultural gem with traditional Gurung homes surrounded by bustling terraced fields.
  • Dharamsala/Larkya Phedi: This important stop provides critical acclimatization before the challenging Larkya La Pass.
  • Larkya La Pass: At 5,106 meters (16,752 feet), the pass offers panoramic vistas of Himlung Himal, Cheo Himal, and the massive Annapurna II.
  • Birendra Tal: An ethereal glacial lake that mirrors the imposing Manaslu.
  • Samagaon and Samdo: These villages are crucial for cultural immersion and acclimation, allowing trekkers to rest and soak in local traditions amidst towering peaks.

Challenges and Difficulties of Trekking to Manaslu Circuit 

Altitude Sickness:

  • Caused by rapid ascents to high altitudes.
  • Symptoms: dizziness, rapid heartbeat above 3,500 meters.
  • Solution: Include extra days for acclimatization.

Sudden Weather Changes:

  • Especially notable is Larkya La Pass.
  • Risks: safety hazards and route disruptions.
  • Solution: Equip with proper gear, monitor weather forecasts, and be flexible with plans.

Physical and mental demands:

  • rigorous hiking over varied terrain for up to 20 days.
  • Requires good physical fitness and mental toughness.

Preparation: Regular cardio and strength training builds mental resilience for fatigue and isolation.

Accommodation and Facilities on Manaslu Circuit Trek

Teahouses and lodges are available along the route

Accommodations for tourists visiting the magnificent Manaslu Circuit are mostly in the form of teahouses and lodges, which offer cozy and quaint lodgings. You can expect more from your stay at these welcoming locations than simply a typical night's sleep. 

Local families own and run the majority of these teahouses and lodges. You're therefore in for more than simply a place to crash after a strenuous hike; you're also in for an interesting cultural experience. Staying here gives you a special opportunity to experience the local way of life, culture, and customs, which will undoubtedly enhance your hiking experience.

With additional facilities to ensure your travel is comfortable, these teahouses are situated at a lower height. Hot showers, Wi-Fi, and a greater selection of food and beverages to suit a range of tastes are among the amenities to be expected.

However, as you climb higher and go closer to the Larkya La Pass, these lodgings become less frequent and less luxurious. The lodging options are a little more modest here.

No luxury hotel can compare to the spirit of friendship among fellow trekkers, in addition to providing warm beds and delicious food.

Facilities provided at these accommodations

Even though they're simple, the teahouses and lodges on the Manaslu Circuit offer basic necessities for trekkers. You can typically find shared rooms with two to four beds, along with shared bathrooms. 

You might have to pay extra for hot showers, which are usually heated by solar or gas. Food, from traditional Nepalese meals to Western dishes like pasta and omelets, is served in a communal dining area. 

To help with adjusting to the altitude and to keep trekkers healthy, these places often provide boiled or purified water. Some even offer Wi-Fi, so you can stay connected even in remote areas.


One of the best treks in Nepal is the Manaslu Circuit Trek, which appeals to those looking for seclusion as well as magnificent Himalayan grandeur. Every strenuous ascent is rewarding since the walk provides a thorough view of the region's unparalleled natural splendor and rich cultural tapestry. 

When organizing the trip, keep in mind to honor the customs of the area, get ready appropriately, and most of all, enjoy every second of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Exhilarating, enlightening, and transforming, the Manaslu Circuit awaits both experienced trekkers and enthusiastic amateurs.

Good vibe adventureJun 12th 2024

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