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Basic corporate information

The name 'Good Vibe Adventure' is in itself self-explanatory. True to its name, we aim to create good vibe in your life through adventurous activities—trekking, tour, peak climbing, rafting, biking, cannoning, safari, paragliding and range of other audacious sports. Established in the year 2013, Good Vibe Adventure is one of the premier local tour and trekking operating companies in Nepal. It offers excellent and top quality and wide ranging all rounding trekking, tour and adventure services from sightseeing to hosts of outdoor adventure packages, including off-the-beat trail trekking, wild-river rafting, thrilling mountain biking, jungle safaris and more. Founded by well-experienced professionals with the aim to offer a quality trekking and tour services. The team members have worked in the similar field for over a decade prior to inception of this company. Each member therefore have thorough knowledge, long-experience, and have a deep understanding of Himalayas, diverse facets of peoples, amazing culture, history and more importantly know-how about the adventure services. It is therefore, Good Vibe Adventure Pvt. Ltd has set been able to set the record of being a leading and quality service providing trekking company in Nepal within a short duration of inception. Good Vibe Adventure team is committed to bring good vibes in your life through fun-filled adventure and holiday trips that you are looking for, after a long, tiresome, heavy work load. Let us grant us the opportunity to bring amazingly positive and afresh vibe in your life and a lifetime experience in the lofty Himalayas. 

A registered company:

Good Vibe Adventure is registered under Company Register's Office, authorized and certified by Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation under the Department of Tourism, including by Nepal Tourism Board and affiliated with numerous of tourism related umbrella organizations and associations including with Trekking Agents Association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal Association of Tours and Travel Agents (NATA), Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) of Nepal, Himalayan Rescue Association (HRA) and Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP) and so forth. Since its inception, Good Vibe Adventure Pvt. Ltd has been offering several special packages in almost all major trekking routes not merely across Nepal alone but also in Bhutan, India, Tibet, and beyond.


The vision of Good Vibe Adventure is to become premier providers of adventure vacations through all rounding tourism activities, with exceptionally best possible quality services and facilities so as to be first choice of every traveler, mountaineer and trekker wishing to come to Nepal.


The mission of Good Vibe Adventure is to become the premier provider of adventure vacations and all rounding tourism services and facilities mainly in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and India. Good Vibe Adventure is dedicated to building long-term relationship with travelers through best possible quality and varieties of services and activities and ultimately be recognized as the leading vacation company in Nepal.


The goal of Good Vibe Adventure is to grow steadily over a decade, becoming the premier provider of adventure vacations with infinite activities and outstanding services and facilities to those who are seeking a luxurious and adventurous holiday trips, so as to partner of locals operating responsible travel and trekking packages which is environmentally sustainable and socially acceptable tour, travel and trekking packages.

Business strategy and Objectives

The business strategy of Good Vibe Adventure revolves around the need to provide quality service to our various target customers, in the process fully satisfying their needs. This shall be undertaken through quality custom-designed travel packages, catering to the client's particular needs. In order this lists of objectives are set forth in the following:

Continuously provide enjoyable and exceptionally quality excursions on time and on budget to the trekkers and adventure seekers to make them able to acquire utmost satisfaction and the maximum adventure so that they can enjoy their holiday trip with fullest.

Contribute positively to lives of local communities living in the remote Himalayas through generous support from a portion of profit earned by company, increase jobs and income of the community to some extent and equally to contribute positively to the environment.

Contribute in protecting, preserving and promoting fascinating cultural heritages, diversify destinations at the meantime preserve exquisite nature and local customs. 

Strive to acquire trust and respect by working together with trekkers, so as to promote environmentally sustainable and socially responsible travel operations.

Executive Summary:

Good Vibe Adventure is well-aware that the tourism industry has undergone rapid growth of unsurpassed nature mainly because of advent of 'borderless' world concept and increased information dissemination about the majestic sceneries. Good Vibe Adventure is ready to take this changing scenarios as an opportunity for growing bigger and better, with a dedicated and experienced staffs, excellent services, including superb networking, effective management and marketing. Good Vibe Adventure is a locally owned travel operating company based in Kathmandu. It operates all rounding activities and offers best possible quality services and facilities incur in the tourism.

Good Vibe Adventure intends to provide exceptionally myriad of travel and adventure packages from sightseeing alongside of world heritage sites to range of adventure tour and trekking packages, including rafting, mountaineering, peak climbing, bungy jumping, host other adventure trip best suiting to every style and budget for holiday vacations, with best possible quality services and adventure vacations not merely in Nepal alone but also in Bhutan, Tibet and India. The services that Good Vibe Adventure organizes small or large group package including family trip, student exchange, or full equipped treks and expedition consisting of all gears and number of team members, and also provides initially pre-arranged tours, custom packages with flexibility of changes according to the specification and need of clients, making reservation for lodging amongst all rounding other related services and facilities in the tourism.

We have carefully designed services with extremely high quality and tailored to the clients' needs such that they will enable each traveler to have a greater appreciation of the natural environment and its intricacies. We do not intend to just take individuals on sightseeing excursions, trekking or tour but also to ensure that they appreciate nature through informative briefings on all around and Good Vibe Adventure hereby is looking to build a mutually beneficial partnership and relationship with like-minded tour and trekking companies for exchange and expansion of business ideas relating to tourism.

The concept:

The main concept of Good Vibe Adventure Pvt. Ltd. behind is to broaden the horizon of adventure activities in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and India. It strives to diversify destination so that the trekkers and adventure seekers can explore the incredible landscape, exotic and fascinating culture at the same time bring the benefits of tourism to the poor communities in the remote Himalayas. It therefore has designed special holiday trips in the major destinations in the respective countries with the best possible quality services. We aim to build mutually beneficial partnership and relations with tour and trekking operating companies, so that we can operate cross country trekking and tour package.

Why Good Vibe Adventure?

The reasons why to travel with Good Vibe Adventure are summarized on the followings:

  • For safe and secure travel:  Good Vibe Adventure offers highly professional adventure tour packages with sounding safety and security. It is therefore why it has become one of the preferred travel companies to be associated with in Nepal. The team members are dedicated to manage and offer hygienic food and tidy accommodation during the trip
  • For fair and reasonable dealings: Good Vibe Adventure puts no any hidden and extra charges, except for said cost in the brochures and the pricelists. The charge of each excursion is reasonable in comparison with other companies in Nepal.
  • For traveling with professionals: Good Vibes Adventure has highly experienced trekking and tour guides, who are professionals and dedicated to make each excursion a memorable and worth sharing.
  • For variety of choices in services: Good Vibe Adventure offers hassle-free all round and varieties of services related to tourism, from administrative processes to porter, guide to partial or full arrangements for complete holiday package.
  • For emergency service in case need: Good Vibe Adventure has good connection and makes instant arrangements to offer emergency helicopter rescue facility in case of any serious incidents, which hardly a few travel companies in Nepal can manage.
  • For Responsible tourism: Good Vibe Adventure makes certain investments from its certain portion of its profits to social activities for the welfare of the villagers and equally for the maintenance of sustainable ecology.
  • For promotion: Good Vibe Adventure is not merely for adventure excursion but equally for partnering and promoting of individual company and extending the services jointly.
  • For partnership: Good Vibe Adventure is always ready to do partnership on any areas locally and internationally to expand business or to contribute to the section of the society or to address any social and environmental impacts.

Sustainable Tourism:

The main motto of Good Vibe Adventure is the responsible tourism. Since its inception, Good Vibe team members have lead travelers to different corners of the country and Himalayas in socially and environmentally responsible manner. The main objective is to ensure that everyone involved in trip respects and maintains the nature.

On one hand, the tourism contributes to the economy and employment of the country at great length, but on the other, it has made negative effect on the local environment as well as on the local culture. Thus, Good Vibe Adventure always stride for making positive impact on the local culture, community and environment and incur maximum benefits on them.

What we do:

Good Vibe Adventure operates all rounding adventure vacations with infinite activities and outstanding services and facilities to those who are seeking a luxurious and adventurous holiday trips. Our services are as follows:

  • Trekking in Nepal
  • Tours in Nepal
  • Peak Climbing in Nepal
  • Nepal Jungle Safari
  • River Rafting in Nepal
  • Adventure Activities in Nepal
  • Mountain Biking Tour
  • Nepal Helicopter Tours
  • Hiking in Nepal
  • Hotel Booking in Nepal
  • Air Ticketing
  • Vehicle Rent in Nepal and more

Keys to our success:

Good Vibe Adventure has identified several niche markets and implementation strategies, here are the lists of some of our key to success on the following:

Excellence in fulfilling the promise: Good Vibe Adventure has intended to offer completely enjoyable, comfortable and informative travel excursions that will ensure that travelers are thoroughly satisfied and appreciative at the end of their trip.

Timely response to customers' requests: Good Vibe Adventure cannot afford to delay its clients for whatever reason, and thus has been continually and instantly have communicated with the client, including hotels and lodges so as to ensure that we are constantly available to the client meeting their expectations.

Solid and fruitful strategic alliances: Considering the nature of our services and our relative infancy on the market, Good Vibe Adventure has realized the importance of establishing and maintaining fruitful strategic alliances with various stakeholders, including hotels, lodges, and travel agencies, amongst others, so as be assured of a constant flow of customers, fulfilling their needs at every opportunity.

Marketing know-how: Good Vibe Adventure has knowledge of tourism market and has devised its packages and made the strategies accordingly.

Good Vibe Adventure Team:

  • KisanThapa, Managing Director
  • Ramkrishna Karki, Guest Relation Manager
  • Arisoodan Shrestha, Tour guide
  • Trekking guides and crew members


Good Vibe Adventure is the premier provider of adventure vacations and all rounding tourism services mainly in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and India. Good Vibe Adventure as a company is looking for building long-term relationship with like-minded trekking and tour companies from any parts of the globe which is looking for avenues to expand the business bond in Nepal, especially in regards to trekking and travel. Similarly, Good Vibe Adventure as a team always has made endeavors to provide travelers best possible quality and varieties of services, including infinite activities to make an excursions a memorable. Good Vibe Adventure is one of the premier local tour and trekking operating companies in Nepal that offers excellent and top quality trekking, tour and adventure services from sightseeing to hosts of outdoor adventure packages, including off-the-beat trail trekking, wild-river rafting, thrilling mountain biking, jungle.

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