Annapurna Circuit in June

Annapurna circuit is an extremely famous trekking route among the trekkers visiting Nepal. Every year many trekkers visit the Annapurna region to trek in these thrilling routes.

This Circuit trek around the Annapurna region can be done any month you want. However, the Annapurna Circuit in June is less popular among trekkers but you can still travel during this time.

The month of June is the beginning of the Monsoon season. So if you love traveling in the rain, then this trek will be quite a memorable one for you.

Short Introduction

Annapurna Massif is located in the north-central part of Nepal and is a part of the Annapurna Conservation Area. It is the world’s tenth highest mountain above sea level with a height of 8091 m.

The Annapurna conservation area is considered one of the largest conservation areas in Nepal. It offers many popular trekking routes such as Annapurna sanctuary, Annapurna circuit, etc.

Annapurna circuit is a famous long-distance trek in the conservation area that walks you around the Massif. The highest point of this trek is Thorong La Pass, situated at an altitude of 5416 m.

About the trek Route

Circuit trek during June in other trekking routes might be a bit strenuous. Due to continuous rainfall, the paths are thrilling, making the ascend and descend challenging.

However, the Annapurna circuit Trek in June is less demanding as this region receives less rainfall. While traveling through this route, you will encounter two different topographical conditions.

The lower regions are filled with lush green forests throughout the way. But as you climb to the higher elevation, you get the desert vibes as the area has fewer trees.

You drive from Kathmandu to Syange then stay there for the night. The next day your journey begins as you trek from Syange to Dharapani. From here onwards, you will take many up and downhill trails till you reach Thorong La Pass.

Reaching the highest point, you then descend through many settlements and pasture land along the way till you reach Nayapul. After reaching here, you drive back via the same routes.

Along the paths, you can still see many mountain peaks such as Annapurna I, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, Tilicho peak, etc.

During the Monsoon season, many unique species of flower bloom attracting many researchers and enhancing the beauty of the paths.

Annapurna circuit Trek in June is considered off season for trekking. Due to this, the paths are less crowded, and you get discounts on accommodation and food.

Below you can read briefly about how exciting it is to do the Annapurna circuit in June.

Annapurna Circuit in June 3

Highlights of Annapurna circuit in June

  • Reach Thorong La Pass
  • Less crowded routes
  • Sight unique class of flora and fauna
  • Active waterfalls
  • Bath in natural hot spring
  • Discount offer in food and accommodation
  • Perfect weather for rain lovers

Weather of Annapurna Circuit during Monsoon Season

The months from June to August fall under the Monsoon season. These months are the time for heavy rainfall making the routes slippery and muddy.

But the chances of rainfall are low in the northern part of Annapurna. However, there might be heavy rainfalls in the southern part which can be an obstacle. As you will have to travel from the southern area to begin your trek.

There are high chances of flights getting canceled or delayed. And landslides blocking the way which can affect your trek.

But the view of flora and fauna blooming along the paths will be worth all the trouble. New species of vegetation can be seen only during the Monsoon season.

Also, most of the circuit areas are untouched by rain showers making the trek exciting.

Weather and temperature of Annapurna circuit in June

If you are thinking of traveling the Annapurna circuit in June and want to know more about the weather condition during this month. Then you can read below in brief:

Monsoon season begins in June, but the chances of rainfall occurring during the first week is very low. As the season of spring is coming to its end.

Most of the routes in the Annapurna circuit lies in the north side which falls in the rain shadow area.

These areas have minimum chances of rainfall to having none at all. Some areas on the north side are Mustang, Upper Mustang, etc.

But still, this month is the least preferred time of the year as there is heavy rainfall in the southern section. So, your trip might get delayed due to the landslide.

Also, rain showers are common in the lower region making the routes slippery. And you can expect leeches, other pests along these paths.

The temperature ranges from 3 degrees to 16 degrees during this month. The weather will be hot and wet during the day. But the temperature can drop during the night time making it a bit cold.

Note: You should carry a raincoat and a sweater with you on this trip.

Reasons to visit the Annapurna circuit in June

Annapurna circuit in June

June might be the month of rain but it goes through different climatic conditions. It might rain in the lower region but can get dry as you climb higher into the elevation.

Some of the reasons to visit during June is explained below:

Clear Views

Lower regions go through infrequent rainfall so when it stops the rain-washed view of the environment will be a sight to see. Due to rainfall unique types of flora and fauna can be seen throughout the trails.

As for the higher region, rainfalls are equal to no so the view of mountains is always visible. The skies are also clear making the sight around you wonderful.

You get the uncloudy view of different mountains such as Hiunchuli, Annapurna south, etc along the trails.

Few no. of trekkers

This is the offseason month for trekkers. The routes will be less crowded making your trek peaceful. If you like traveling alone without any disturbance this is your month.

You get to appreciate the stunning view of the mountains without getting interrupted by anyone. The silence around you will be overwhelming as you get to hear the birds chirp in the forests.

Discount offers

Traveling during the off-season will be a benefit if you are a budget traveler. The price of the Plane tickets, tea houses, etc will be at its lowest.

Many trekkers don’t visit these routes during this month due to which you get special offers and discounts on many items.

The tea houses also won’t be crowded so you get to pick any room you like. Most of the rooms will be available for you to choose from.

If you have good bargaining power then you can use it to get heavy discounts.

View of Sunrise

Usually, it is rainy during the night time but by early morning the skies are clear giving a great view of the mountain peaks. The view of sunrise after the rain is a memorable sight.

As the sun rises from between the hills shining its rays through the clouds to the beautiful valleys and landscapes below.

Food and Accommodation

Being the off-season you don’t have to worry about the availability of rooms in the Tea houses and lodges. You will have plenty of options for them. Also, food and places will be fair enough.

You will be provided with blankets, hot water, and other things. One of the benefits is you don’t have to worry about sharing your room with fellow trekkers.

Also, there will be no long bathroom queue so you don’t have to wait for your turn.

However, the price of food will be slightly higher in the upper regions. You get to taste the authentic Nepali food i.e. Dal and Bhat. It helps in gaining calories that are necessary for your journey.

Also, water is the most essential element in the trekking journey. You should keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water. It would be best if you carry a refillable water bottle along with you.

You can also buy beers, sodas, water, etc in the tea houses but the price might be high there.

Difficulties of Annapurna Circuit Trek in June

Annapurna circuit in June

Annapurna circuit trek is a moderate trek. If you have trekking experience then these routes won’t seem that hard. But for new trekkers, it will be strenuous.

You will have to walk about 6-7 hours a day on this trek. On top of that, you will be traveling in the Monsoon season so the routes are going to be challenging.

The trails will be wet making your walk difficult. In this trek, you will be needing a significant amount of physical strength. However, you can increase your leg strength with proper training.

You will be trekking above 5000 m so altitude sickness can be a problem. Many trekkers don’t realize their underlying heart problem so it is better to consult your doctor before starting this journey.

To prevent altitude sickness, acclimatization and keeping your body hydrated is very necessary.

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Tips for Annapurna Circuit in June

Do not travel alone

Annapurna circuit Trek can be traveled alone or in groups, but during monsoon season it is better not to trek solo.

You might like trekking in private but the weather is unpredictable higher up. Only a few no. of people can be seen on these routes, so if you need help it might be hard to find someone.

If you don’t have a partner to go with you, local guides are available for hire. There are many routes you can trek through which can create confusion for you. This is where a guide will come handy.


While going treks on high altitudes, it is essential for your body to adapt to its surroundings. If your body is unable to adjust to the climate above it can be a disadvantage.

You begin your journey from the 1400m and reach till 5416m in this trek. The higher you climb the thinner the air gets due to which oxygen level also decreases.

Acclimatization helps your body adjust to the current environment. So during this day, you should give your body proper rest and drink a lot of water.

Necessary items

The weather during this month is both hot and cold. It is rainy and sunny during the day and cold during the night time.

You should carry raincoats and wind jackets with you. The clothes you bring should be easy to wear and take off.

Some things you can bring along are:

  • Jackets ( heavy and light)
  • Trekking boots should be waterproof
  • Trekking stick makes walking up and downhills easy
  • Camera to capture these moments

You can add other items as well that seem necessary while trekking in June.

Proper training

Annapurna Circuit Trek is neither arduous nor easy. You can travel these routes even if you are a novice.

But before you go on the actual trek, it is necessary for you to increase your body stamina. The routes will be harsh during June so you can exercise and prepare your body in advance.

You can do various physical training such as swimming, cycling, going on hikes, etc. This training can be done 2-3 weeks before the trek.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance should be made while visiting high altitudes. It is travel insurance that covers your cost regarding injuries, flight delays, etc.

You can never be sure about the climatic condition in the mountains and hills during June. It can be sunny a few moments ago and windy the next.

So make sure you have made travel insurance that covers issues you can face during this month.


Annapurna Circuit lies inside the Annapurna Conservation Area so you need two area permits to explore this area. This area permit is Trekker’s Information Management System (TIMS) and Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP).


For SAARC countries (group): NPR 300 US $3

For SAARC countries (individual): NPR 600 US $6

For other countries (group): NPR 1000 US $10

For other countries (individual): NPR 2000 US $20


For SAARC countries (per person): NPR 1000 US $10

For other countries (per person): NPR 3000 US $30

Compared to TIMS fees the ACAP fees are expensive. You have to carry these cards with you all along the trek. And show them in checkpoints when asked. It can’t be transferred and used more than once.

Pros of visiting Annapurna circuit in June

  • The routes are less crowded so you will be walking in silence enjoying the view
  • Food and accommodation price is low compare to peak season
  • Discount in trekking packages
  • The view of sunrise after a rainy night
  • Uncloudy view of mountains in the higher regions
  • Due to offseason, you get better hospitality
  • No problem finding rooms of your choices
  • You don’t have to wait long to receive your food

Cons of visiting Annapurna circuit in June

  • Heavy rainfall in the lower region
  • Paths are slippery and muddy so you can injure yourself
  • Completing the trek might take longer than the estimated time
  • Chances of road blockage due to landslides
  • The forest areas are filled with leeches, pests, and other insects


Annapurna Circuit Trek in June is possible but you need to be well-prepared to face a few obstacles that might occur in the way.

It might not rain at a higher altitude but heavy rainfalls are faced in the lower region. So while walking through the routes you should walk slowly. If you hurry you might slip and injure yourself.

Also, the food and accommodation are cheap and you get discounts on trekking packages, flight tickets, etc. You get to choose the room of your preference.

The routes are deserted during this month so if you prefer walking in isolation this time is just perfect for you.

Good vibe adventure made this article to help you know briefly about traveling Annapurna circuit in June. So if you are visiting the Annapurna circuit during the month of June this can be helpful.

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