1 Day Namobuddha Hiking  |  1 Day

This Namobuddha Day Hiking is intended to the people who dont have enough time to explore stunning landscape and Himalayan region. It is an astonishing walk on the foot hill and reaches Namobudhha, situated on the top of the hill, which is scenic and wonderful. It is a delightful Hiking Holiday package near the Kathmandu valley. Namo Buddha is wonderful hill top about 45 Km. east of Kathmandu. Namo Buddha is Greetings to the Lord Buddha in its meaning. It is an antique and prominent Buddhist monastery in Nepal. The surrounding is populated by the ethnic Tamang settlements. There is an interesting tale related to the history of the Monastery, how a young prince sacrificed his life in order to satisfy the hunger tigress.

During the hunting tour, a prince saw a hunger tigress lying on the ground with her cubs. Her situation was very much miserable that she could not walk for hunt. Seeing such situation the prince cut and fed his flesh and fresh blood to the tiger family. When the king went to search his lost son, he found his remaining bones. Later it was buried there. There is a famous shrine and stone slab built regarding the historical event. The prince is regarded as Buddha, who reincarnated in the Lumbini.

The Everest and Langtang Himalayan range can be seen from Namobuddha. It is also beautiful for terraced farm lands and green hill territory. It is popular hiking for nature and cultural views. A single day hike starts from Dhulikhel with the breathtaking views to Namobuddha and retrace back all the way to Kathmandu. Good Vibe Adventure arranges this wonderful Namobuddha Hiking which is an ideal trip in a single day.

Trip Highlights of 1 Day Namobuddha Hiking

  • Historical Buddhist site- Namobuddha.
  • Located at the top of the hill.
  • Best views of Everest and Langtang Himalayan range.
  • Breathtaking surrounding views of landscape.
  • Traditional ethnic settlement of Tamang.
  • Trip Duration 1 Day
  • Destination Nepal
  • Trip Difficulty Easy to Moderate
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