1 Day Kathmandu Adventure Paragliding  |  1 Day

Adventure Paragliding trip in the sky of Kathmandu is a wonderful and thrilling trip to explore the majestic valley, hills and scenery. The Paragliding spot lies on the Lakure Bhanjyang in Lalitpur near Godavari, at a distance of one and half hour drive from the central Kathmandu. It is a Tandem Paragliding with the views of green hills, forests and you will know why the bird sings. Please, contact Good Vibe Adventure for your thrilling Tandem Paragliding trip in the Kathmandu Valley.

Pick up and Flight Schedule:

  • 08:30-Pickup 10:30-Flight
  • 10:30-Pickup 12:30-Flight
  • 12:30-Pickup 14:30-Flight
  • 14:30-Pickup 16:30-Flight

Trip Highlights of 1 Day Kathmandu Adventure Paragliding

  • Spectacular views of high peaks and the northern Himalayan range.
  • City and Valley view from Eagle Eye.
  • Feel the high altitude.
  • View of Godawari botanical garden of Nepal.
  • Take off place Chapakharka, Godawari, Lalitpur.
  • 30 minutes drive from Godawari office to take off place.
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    Thx Kisan and Keshab, I really enjoyed paragliding so much! You all hear my request carefully and kindly. I really was nervous when I arrived at international airport because I traveled Alone, then this travel is for the first time to visit to Nepal. But your procedures Make me relieved and my travel so happy and safety. Thanks again, when I come to Nepal, I will visit Good Vibe again!!

  • Trip Duration 1 Day
  • Destination Nepal
  • Trip Difficulty Easy
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