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  1. Mount Everest

    Nepal is a land of contrasts and famous as the home of the highest peak on the planet, Mt. Everest. It is also beloved as the birth place of Buddha(Lumbini). This enchanting country is located between the two giants of India and China. The Himalaya make up the border to the north and Nepal is home to eight of the worlds ten highest peaks.

    Nepalsmountains, hills and jungles attract travelers from around the globe and are the setting for many adventures including trekking,mountain climbing, biking, canyoning, paragliding, rafting, rock climbing, jungle safaris and much more. Nepal also receives many visitors for its art, architecture, history and culture, and for people with a religious interest, Nepal has a rich blend of Buddhism, Hinduism and indigenous practices with monuments and shrines and famous pilgrimage sites throughout the land.

    With a broad diversity of terrain from the southern plains at about sea level to thehighest peaks on the planet, Nepal is home to a wide range of geography. In fact, nowhere on the planet can such extreme geographic and biologicdifferences be found. This great variety - from tropical rain forests to arctic heights - is one of Nepals greatest treasures. The immense contrasts provide a wealth of cultural heritage and wildlife biodiversity.

    We look forward to sharing Nepals world famous attractions with you. Thecountry is especially famous trekking in the fertile hills up to the mountains of the Himalaya. Life in rural Nepal follows a natural rhythm and many of the exhilarating trails follow ancient trade routes with Tibet. The trails pass throughdense forests of lush vegetation, includingrhododendron (Nepals national flower) with picturesque villages surrounded by terraced fields and graced with temples and monasteries up to the high alpine pastures surrounded by towering peaks.

    We will enable you to experience the highlights of Nepal personalized to your wishes and desires.

    We invite you to experience Nepals breathtakingly scenery, rich culture and traditions, former royal kingdoms and palaces, unique arts and crafts, World Heritage Sites, exotic wildlife sanctuaries and many more fascinating attractions! Experience a journey of a lifetime with us! Just send a message and we will start creating the adventure of your dreams.

    Nepal Activities

    • Trekking in Nepal

      Trekking is an exciting activity full of adventure, beauty and excitement of the outdoor life, a brake from modern living.

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    • Tours in Nepal

      Nepal is a naturally prosperous country with scenery ranging from lowland regions to the highest peaks in the world. It

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    • Peak Climbing in Nepal

      Climbing the trekking Peaks in Nepal Nepal is a mountainous country with thousands of high Himalayan Peaks. It includes the

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    • Nepal Jungle Safari

      Explore the wilderness of Nepal with Good Vibe Adventure Nepal has a diverse nature and geographical formation from the highest

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    • River Rafting in Nepal

      Feel the thrill in Himalayan Rivers River Rafting in Nepal is an adventure water fun in the Himalayan white water

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    • Adventure Activities in Nepal

      For decades, Nepal has attracted adventurers from the world. With lofty mountains, ice-capped peaks, lush forests, roaring rivers and breathtaking

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    • Mountain Biking Tour

      Mountain biking is an excellent way to tour the Himalaya for people preferring wheels to foot exploration. Both allow up-close

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    • Nepal Helicopter Tours

      Nepal is a paradise of natural sceneries, Himalayan views and amazing landscape. Every year, millions of travelers visit this beautiful

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    • Day Tours

      A day tour in Kathmandu, Pokhara and nearest places of the city are awesome holiday trips for exploring the ancient

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    • Hiking in Nepal

      Nepal is a wonderful country with natural and cultural diversities. Surprising geographical structures, lush valleys and scattered ethnic communities have

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    I recommend you smoothly and with great pleasure Keshab. I came the first time in Nepal for a trek in the Annapurna Sanctuary. Keshab was a guide at the time, he did not yet have his agency, but it was very professional. Keshab had organized everything: a permit for entry into the national park,

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